Hawk Talks & Raptor Releases


A juvenile Cooper's Hawk delights a young visitor



We are sorry to report that GGRO will not host any Hawk Talks or Raptor Releases until further notice. This was a difficult decision but was made with the upmost concern for the safety of GGRO Volunteers and park visitors - to avoid the gathering of large crowds and ensure social distancing can be maintained in the parks. 

GGRO is still recovering from pandemic-era reductions of staffing and budget and we hope to bring this program back sometime in the near future. 


Our Hawk Talks and Raptor Release occur every Saturday and Sunday during September and October, weather permitting (heavy fog or rain cancels). There are no programs the weekend of the Blue Angels airshow.

The Hawk Talk begins at noon, when a GGRO volunteer speaks about hawk migration and identification, and what we do here at the GGRO. Conditions permitting, a banding volunteer will bring up a newly banded hawk, talk about the banding program, and release the hawk in front of the crowd. It’s a great way to learn about hawks and see one up close!

You do not have to RSVP—just show up on the hill. Look for the big banner just west of the main Hawkwatching platform on the very top of Hawk Hill. We recommend that you arrive at Hawk Hill around 11:30, watch some hawks, listen to the talk, then stay longer or not, depending on the hawks. Parking is limited and fills fast—please try to carpool, bike, or take MUNI route 76 if at all possible. Be sure to leave plenty of time to park and walk up the hill.

Age, Skills, What to Bring:

Hawk Hill has its own weather. What’s happening in your Bay Area neighborhood may bear no resemblance to the weather conditions on the Hill. Bring more clothes than you think you will need!

Some essentials to bring, depending on weather, are: hat (for shade and/or warmth), windbreaker, insulation (wool, down, synthetic), gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, and chapstick. Bring your own food and beverages. There are no food facilities in the Headlands, though the Visitor’s Center has some snacks and drinks for sale. Please, no alcoholic beverages. Leashed dogs are allowed. Don’t forget binoculars and field guides!

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(See our Program Downloads section above for more detailed binocular and book recommendations.)

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