2018 Annual Report

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Read about the work we all do to preserve our natural and cultural resources for future generations, cultivate an enduring community of stewards, and ensure that our national parks are wholly accessible, inclusive, and relevant for all.

Online 2018 Report

2017 Annual Report

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Our report highlights the Parks Conservancy’s programs and projects in 2016 that meaningfully connected the Golden Gate National Parks with so many diverse communities—through celebrations of the National Park Service Centennial, partnership programs with San Francisco Public Library, ongoing work on the Presidio Tunnel Tops, and much more. In these pages, meet community members who have seen first-hand how parks can change lives.

Online 2017 Report

The theme of “Connecting People & Parks” comes alive through interactive graphics and 1-minute video vignettes, featuring community members who testify to the enduring impact of the Conservancy’s work.

2016 Annual Report

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Our 2016 Report to the Community showcases some of the Parks Conservancy’s signature park transformations, as well as inspirational public lands projects from across the globe. Discover how the Conservancy’s work on the new Presidio Tunnel Tops parkland (in partnership with the Presidio Trust and National Park Service) is placing San Francisco at the forefront of a new golden age of park-making.

Online 2016 Report

See highlights of Parks Conservancy accomplishments you helped achieve in 2015—and watch a video featuring some of the amazing staff who made it all possible.

2015 Annual Report

In this 2015 Report to the Community, we profile just a few of the functions that the Golden Gate National Parks serve for our diverse communities—of all ages and backgrounds, and with recreational interests of every variety. See how the Parks Conservancy, alongside the National Park Service and Presidio Trust, continue to innovate in making these places PARKS FOR ALL FOREVER.

Online 2015 Report

Explore inspirational new videos, at-a-glance infographics, and interactive features that showcase your impact throughout the Golden Gate National Parks and beyond in 2014.

2014 Annual Report

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Embark on a photographic tour of the Parks Conservancy’s year of accomplishment in park projects, volunteer programs, education programs, restoration and ecology, visitor services and interpretation, and innovation and leadership. See what a difference your support—and our partnership with the National Park Service and Presidio Trust—made across the parklands in 2013.

Also, don’t miss our online annual report supplement, with interactive features, behind-the-scenes videos, photo galleries, and a special message from President & CEO Greg Moore.

2013 Annual Report

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The young people in youth programs throughout the Golden Gate National Parks stand at the intersection of the parklands' vibrant present and hopeful future. See how your support of the Parks Conservancy's programs (in partnership with the National Park Service and Presidio Trust) is making a difference in the lives of our future park stewards and community leaders.

2012 Annual Report

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Journey with us through 10 years of Trails Forever accomplishments—as well as Parks Conservancy achievements of the last year. As you peruse the pages of the 2012 annual report, you will find that our programs and projects—like the best of trails—pose and answer the beguiling question: Where to?


Annual Report 2011

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For two days in March 2011, we set up a photobooth at Crissy Field to capture portraits of volunteers, rangers, staff, colleagues, and diverse park visitors. In our 2011 report, we see the impact of our work—in the smiles of people who benefit every day from your support of Parks For All Forever.

Annual Report 2010

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In our 2010 report, we look back on the Parks Conservancy’s work in the first decade of the century. Through our partnership with the National Park Service and Presidio Trust and the support of our members, the Conservancy has transformed the parklands—and the people who care for them.

2009 Annual Report

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Our 2009 annual report opens fresh perspectives on the Parks Conservancy’s latest accomplishments throughout the Golden Gate National Parks. These unique views—near and far—might be new, but your unwavering support remains our strong foundation. Thank you.

2008 Annual Report

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The 2008 edition of our annual report celebrates the greatest resource found within the national parklands at the Golden Gate: the commitment and spirit of the people who contribute to their preservation.

2007 Annual Report

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Celebrating the Conservancy’s mission to support Parks For All Forever, the 2007 Report to the Community details our accomplishments over the course of the last year throughout the parks at the Golden Gate

2006 Annual Report

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In marking the Parks Conservancy’s landmark 25th year, the 2006 Report to the Community highlights the people, places, and projects exemplifying the sustained vitality of the Conservancy.

2005 Annual Report

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2004 Annual Report
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