Listen to the Spin of the Parks’ Restoration Cycle

Listen to the Spin of the Parks’ Restoration Cycle

In a new podcast, hear from some of the amazing staff and interns working to preserve and restore the Presidio and the Golden Gate National Parks.

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Restoring for the ages—the nurseries of the Golden Gate National Parks provide the living link required to restore native plant communities and habitat throughout this 70 mile long national park. Our special privilege is to make this happen in a national park that will survive for as long as our national parks exist.

To bring nature back in our urban setting, means that living link is two-fold, the plants and people. The staff uses the best scientific information to produce indigenous plants that will be successful. Essential to that success is also the involvement and support of our neighboring community; the adult volunteers and youth who join with us to grow this national park. Our vision is a place where generations of adults and youth can learn and grow while creating habitat needed by animals that once thrived here.

The Native Plant Nursery program produces almost 400 species of plants native to the Golden Gate National Parks in our six nurseries to preserve and restore park natural areas. We grow for Parks Conservancy projects and those of our partners, the National Park Service and the Presidio Trust.

To grow quality, genetically diverse native plants we collect native seeds and plant materials from the park and provide our expertise on area plants to restoration planners. We also invite the public and local schools to learn more about native plants and what we do in the nurseries by offering quality volunteer and education programs.

Along with our strong programs and growing practices, we are always striving to learn more and teach other professionals through our research projects on local native plants and how to grow them for restoration.


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