Hummingbird: A poem


An Anna's hummingbird.

By Laurasia Holzman Smith
San Mateo Park Stewardship Intern

hummingbird hum me a humble hymn
coat my ears in the nectar you seek
deliver me your soft soliloquies 
for then i can begin to see

a winter chill emerges from behind the curtain of fall
i wonder if you feel the sun at all
still you flutter
an eloquent rush, i force myself to hush

a gorget of hues i never knew
currants, gooseberries, manzanitas welcome you
brilliantly enveloped by the sea of green
dive deeper into the forest with me

your wings beat faster than my heart can keep pace
i dare not lose sight
for if i might
i fear i would lose you entirely

hummingbird hum me a humble hymn
leave me yearning for more
sing me a melody so sweet
sweep me off my stable feet