Tribute Funds

Help us honor the legacy of park heroes in furthering the work to which they were deeply committed.

Park Heroes: Brian O'Neill, Ryan Jones, and Carola Ashford


The Brian O’Neill Youth Leaders Fund
Previously General Superintendent of the Golden Gate National Parks, Brian O’Neill was a park and conservation leader renowned throughout our community and around the world.

This fund will support one or more “Brian O’Neill Youth Conservation Leaders” at Golden Gate on an annual basis.

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The Ryan Jones Youth Program Fund
Ryan became involved in the parks as a high schooler and went on to lead and teach hundreds of students in the Bay Area with his infectious enthusiasm, deep knowledge, and beautiful sketches of wildlife.

This fund supports programs central to Ryan’s time in the parks—both as a young person himself and as a dynamic youth leader.

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The Carola Ashford Alcatraz Gardens Fund
Carola’s passion of the gardens and their history led her to create a thriving, unique program for bringing the historic gardens back to life.

The Carola Ashford Alcatraz Gardens Fund has been established to support the legacy of landscape restoration that she initiated.

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