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Intern Frog Monitoring in Mori Point

The Park Stewardship Program engages local community members in the stewardship of parklands throughout the Golden Gate National Parks. Whether protecting endangered species, restoring historic gardens, or improving trails, community support and hands-on education is the key to maintaining and sustaining these important resources.

Together, we ensure that parklands remain cared for and relevant, for all, forever.


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For our stewardship efforts, we support the work of our NPS colleagues at key park sites. This includes areas that support endangered species as well as several historic gardens. We partner with our  community engagment team to create welcoming and inclusive spaces, to offer related educational programming, and to support on-the-ground stewardship efforts. 

Join us in the field as we work to care for these parklands!

The Alcatraz Gardens Stewardship Program aims to preserve and maintain the historic gardens once tended by the island’s military and penitentiary residents, and to interpret their significance to visitors. The Program relies on dedicated volunteers and uses organic practices to maintain the gardens.  

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With over 80,000 acres of spectacular parkland spanning three counties, the Golden Gate National Parks are interlaced with an extensive trail system.

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Are you interested in making this a greener world while exploring, learning, making new friends and having fun in your local national park? The Conservancy is passionate about building the next generation of environmental leaders. Our programs engage students in hands-on learning and service while providing pathways and support for continued involvement and leadership.

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