Meet new San Francisco Park Stewardship intern Jonathan Howell!


San Francisco Park Stewardship Intern Jonathan Howell

For the last few months you’ve been hearing from either Yakuta, Gabriel, or Jainita, but this month our team got bigger! Please welcome Jonathan Howell: A motorcycle-riding, mountain-climbing parks lover you’ll want to meet.

What aspect of nature or animal do you most closely identify with?

A Fox, particularly the Catalina Island Fox.

What inspired you to work in the national parks?

I first became interested in becoming an intern with the Parks Conservancy last fall semester when I was introduced to the organization during a National Parks and Recreation class. I was very interested in the fact that the Parks Conservancy depends on interagency relationships between the Presidio Trust, the National Park Service, and other partners. There is also the fact that most of these park sites are located less than 20 minutes from my home.

Favorite spot within the Golden Gate National Parks?

Hands down my favorite spot is Lands End because of the views, the ease of accessibility, and an overwhelming sense of belonging to this place and its history.

Most interesting thing you have found/seen while working in the park?

So far the most interesting thing I have found during my time with the Parks Conservancy are the salamanders near the Navy Memorial Slope in Lands End.

Most memorable experience working at our park sites?

My most memorable experience has been working with what would be my present team at the Parks Conservancy before applying to the ecological restoration and volunteer internship: Yakuta , Jainita, and Gabriel.

Has working with the Parks Conservancy changed your perception of the lands we steward? If so, how has it changed?

Volunteering with the Parks Conservancy has helped me realize how large of an impact a small group of people can have on restoring our wild areas and how we at the Parks Conservancy rely so much on our volunteers.

Something people do not know about you:

I enjoy hiking for a few days by myself when I feel overwhelmed or just plain bored. I also love summiting mountaintops but I am afraid of heights.

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