Thoughtful park haikus from a late Friday afternoon


Some spots in the Golden Gate National Parks, like this overlook in Tennessee Valley, are wonderful for reflection.

By Elizabeth Aldenderfer and Katie Teschler
Park Stewardship Trails Program

There’s a reason we love working outside in the field—late afternoons in the office can make us a little stir crazy sometimes. Enjoy this assortment of haikus from the end-of-the-week brains of the Trails Stewardship team. Hopefully they remind us all why we love our jobs and these parks.

Beautiful vistas
Backdrop for postcard photos
We get to work here?!

Stretching and sunscreen
Practice safety every day
Hydration is key

Like an elephant
Dirt is your daily shower
Watch out, poison oak!

Smash, dig, haul, brush, drill
Brain and body working out
Laughing all the time

“And for goodness sake,”
she said as she shoveled shale.
“Don’t forget the snacks!”