Presidio Tunnel Tops Campaign Supporters

Presidio Tunnel Tops

The Presidio Tunnel Tops Campaign exceeded its $98 million goal to build a world-class parkland and offer community and youth programs. The success of the Campaign demonstrates how much parks and open spaces mean to all of us. We thank all community members, leaders, partners, and supporters for helping us bring the Presidio Tunnel Tops vision to life. 

Transformational Donors   

S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation  

Lynne and Marc Benioff  

Leslie and Troy Daniels  

Leadership Donors   


The Dolby Family  

The Fisher Family  

Mark W. and Mauree Jane Perry  

Helen Diller Foundation  

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation  

Nicola Miner and Family  

Susan and Bill Oberndorf   

Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund  

Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation  


Campfire Circle Donors   

John Atwater and Diana Nelson  

Martha Ehmann Conte Family  

Penny and James Coulter  

Emery Family Foundation  

Caldwell Fisher Family Foundation  

Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund  

Mimi and Peter Haas Fund  

Margaret and Will Hearst  

Hellman Foundation  

Ishiyama Family  

The Keker Family  

Koret Foundation  

Mary and Howard Lester  

Colin and Anne Lind Family  

Barry and Marie Lipman  

Janet and Clint Reilly  

Gordon Ritter and Amy Metzler Ritter  

Diane B. Wilsey  


Major Donors  


Janice and Matt Barger  

Nancy Hellman Bechtle and Joachim Bechtle  

Cynthia S. and Gary F. Bengier  

The Black/Sandquist Family   

Mark Buell and Susie Tompkins Buell  

Shawn and Brook Byers  

Caldera Foundation  

The Carroll Obremskey Family   

Julie and Greg Flynn  

Charlene Harvey  

Helzel Family Foundation  

Hoenigman Family Foundation  

Sujay and Eleni Jaswa  

Martha Kropf  

Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman  

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Mehran  

Robert and Cristina Morris   

John S. and Barbara Ravizza Osterweis  

Will and Julie Parish Family  

The Pincus Family  

Jeanne and Sanford Robertson  

Richard and Helen Spalding and Family  

Marc and Elisa Stad  

The Madeleine Tang Endowment Fund   

The Tunnell Family  

The Ubben Family  

Lynn Mellen Wendell and Peter Wendell  


Campaign Donors  

Douglas and Nancy Abbey  

Ravin and Alka Agrawal  

Katie Albright and Jake Schatz   

Odette Alcazaren-Keeley   

Nils and Linda Behnke  

Alexander Bernstein  

Michael Boland & Rick Fazio 

Buckley Family Fund  

Mr. Edwin C. Callan  

John C. and Ann P. Callan  

Dan and Stacey Case Family Foundation  

Milton Chen and Ruth Cox  

Bryant Chou  

Paula and Charles Collins  

Barry Cusick  

Casper and Nina de Clercq  

Shari Dagg & Chris Lehnertz   

Donohoe Family Fund  

Shane and Shar Douglas  

Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Dowsett  

Roy and Betsy Eisenhardt  

Steve Eskenazi  

Fair Wind Foundation  

Mrs. Donald G. Fisher  

Rodney Fong  

Stephen Forsling  

Jean Fraser and Geoffrey Gordon-Creed   

Jessica Parish Galloway and Stephen Galloway  

Garden Club of America  

Brian K. Graham  

Ray and Rebecca Griffiths  

Katie Hall and Tom Knutsen  

Roxanne Hanning  

Elizabeth Hazard  

Christopher and Deirdre Hockett  

Ellen Holmes  

Robert Howard  

Linda and Larry Howell  

Robert Hulsman  

Marie Louise Hurabiell and Family  

Mark Hurley  

Anthony Imhof and Ellen McLean  

The James Irvine Foundation  

Osman Javed  

Marta S. Johnson  

The Kaymen Yopes Family Fund  

Neil H. Koris  

Jeanne LaBerge   

Gyöngy Laky and Tom Layton  

Max and Nellie Levchin  

Tomas Likar  

Cynthia and Richard Livermore  

Ashling Loh-Doyle  

Larry and Doreen Low  

Alex and David Lyon  

Marin Garden Club  

Tabor Martinsen  

Chris and Susan Masto  

McGuire and Hester Foundation  

Todd and Betsy McIntyre  

McTamaney Family  

Eileen and Peter Michael  

Hannelore and William Miller  

Jane Miller  

Greg Moore and Nancy Peterson  

Maureen and William Morrison   

Lilian and Joseph Murphy  

John Murray and Gail Covington  

Caroline Nakajima  

Anne and Michael Parish  

Diane Parish and Paul Gelburd  

Nancy Ruth Phillips  

Chris Radich and Sally Maske  

Dillon and Adrienne Rogers  

Jennifer Rolland  

The Rupright Family Fund  

Una S. Ryan, Ph.D.  

San Francisco Road Runners Club  

Catherine Sanger  

John M. Sanger  

Henry Sears  

Jacqueline Seike  

Joy Shigaki  

Susan Shockey  

John G. Skibbe  

Catherine Sonnenberg  

Roselyne Chroman Swig  

Susan Swig  

Matthew Tiews  

C. Timothy and Inessa Childs  

Richard G. Turner, in memory of Thomas L. Urani  

Gillian and Mike Verga  

Jessica Verrilli and Tom Robertson  

W.L.S. Spencer Foundation  

Summer and Brooks Walker, III  

Nina V. Washburne and Brian N. Wells  

Nancy Wiltsek  

Mary and Michael Wolfe  

Valerie York  

Jason Zaler  

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