Trails Forever Dinner

18th Annual

We hope you are well and staying sane with fresh-air outings in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Thank you for joining us for a special video tribute in recognition of your support! Please help support the National Parks in your backyard and the trails, beaches, and meadows we all use by donating today.

We look forward to seeing you in person in 2021!

Trails Forever Committee
Mindy Henderson
Kathy Kimball
New Growth Co-Chairs
Ali Fried
Mackenzie Mayle
Kelly Anderson
Suzanne Badenhoop
Janice Barger
Genny Biggs
Nancy Cole
Lisa Congdon
Eloise Connolly
Martha Ehmann Conte
Allison Eisenhardt
Kelly Finn
Julie Flynn
Ali Fried
Kelly Halper
Amanda Hoenigman
Marny Homan
Katy Hope
Linda Howell
Alex Lyon
Maggie Mack
Leslie Olrich
Su-Moon Paik
Julie Parish
Pamela Preston
Charlotte Haas Prime
Susan Reinhart
Amy Metzler Ritter
Emily Sheridan
Eric Stern
Clayton Timbrell
Charlotte Tracy
Stephanie Tuttle
Cindy Weil 
Honorary Committee
Janice Barger
Catherine Bradford
Mark Buell
Nancy Hellman Bechtle
Martha Ehmann Conte
Allison Eisenhardt
Randi Fisher
Julie Flynn
Julie Haas
Linda Howell
Kelly Halper
Jessica Parish Galloway
Anne Lind
Stephanie Mellin
Julie Parish
Charlotte Haas Prime
Staci Slaughter

Thank You to Our Supporters 

Trail Angel
Martha Ehmann Conte
Trail Builders
John Atwater and Diana Nelson
Suzanne Badenhoop and Guy Lampard
City National Bank
Randi and Bob Fisher
The Kaplan Family
Julie and Will Parish
Melanie Peña and Mark Perry
Gordon Ritter and Amy Metzler Ritter
Andrew and Elizabeth Spokes
Lynn and Pete Wendell
City National Bank Logo

Trail Trekkers
Julie and Greg Flynn 
Lisa and Doug Goldman 
Trail Explorers 
Ali and Rocky Fried
Mindy Henderson and Michael Texido
Colin Lind
Barry and Marie Lipman
Noelle Montgomery and Dan Janney
Trail Stewards 
Janice and Matt Barger
Cindy Black
Doug Dossey and Kathrin Dellago
Martha Ehrenfeld and Carla McKay
Jesse and Allison Eisenhardt
William Evers and Melinda Ellis Evers
John and Marcia Goldman
David and Inger Golob
Jon and Linda Gruber
Mimi and Peter Haas Fund
Kelly and Mike Halper
David Mahoney and Winn Ellis
Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman
Howard and Cathy Moreland
Laura and Greg Spivy
Trail Makers 
Claire and Eric Alt
Doug and Shannon Cogen
Martha Ehmann Conte
Cathy and Sandy Dean
Kate Ditzler
Dave and Pat Grubb
Linda and Larry Howell
Maggie and Carter Mack
Evan Marwell and Tracy Leeds
John Murray and Gail Covington
Anne and Michael Parish
Chuck Slaughter and Molly West
Jessica Verrilli and Tom Robertson
Grace Won and Richard Holden
Jacqueline Young
Trail Hikers 
Andrew and Linda Ach
Ann and Christopher Barber
Nancy Clarke Cole
Laura and John Fisher
Jennifer Fonstad
Randy and Jennifer Gridley
Deirdre and Christopher Hockett
Amanda and Vince Hoenigman
Andrew and Marny Homan
Michael C.  Joseph
Alex and David Lyon
Mackenzie and Rob Mayle
Su-Moon Paik and Bob Brown
Diane Parish and Paul Gelburd
Charlotte Haas Prime and Josh Prime
Louisa Ritter
Adam Rubinson
Sheila Schroeder
Maureen and G.C. Sullivan
Mason and Wendy Willrich
Sharon and Russell Woo
Trail Friends
Michael and Bonnie Barr
Sarah and Tom Byrne
Jacqueline and Christian Erdman
Gabe and Liz Kind
Michelle King
John and Connie Linehan
Amy Meyer
Michael and Cathleen Simmons
Audrey Yee
Listed as of September 23, 2020 

Your parks need you now more than ever

Your support helps ensure these places will be here in the future—please give now.