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What Your Gift Achieves

Muir Woods Earth Day 2013

As a Parks Conservancy Leaders Circle member, each level of giving makes a real and remarkable difference in the future of our parklands and the communities that care for them.

Here are examples of what your gifts are achieving in the Golden Gate National Parks:


• Pays for an annual re-stock of basic tools and materials for one park volunteer program, including gloves, reusable weed bags and buckets, hand tools, safety and first aid supplies, water jugs and A-frame signs

• Provides a summer camp scholarship to a young person

• Sponsors a service learning project, including trail maintenance and habitat restoration, for 20 Bay Area youth


• Sponsors a school field trip for 2 classes to spend a day of learning in the parklands

• Sponsors a conservation-based internship for a high school student through our Linking Individuals with their Natural Community (LINC)

• Sponsors an Alcatraz Gardens service project for a local youth summer camp group


• Provides 6 weeks of summer service learning to a middle school student through our Urban Trailblazers Program, offering a student a combination of experiences including hands-on projects on trails and in the native plant nurseries, and outdoor investigation and excursions in the field, including overnight camping and backpacking excursions

• Provides care and nurture of 1,500 plants at a native plant nursery for habitat restoration in the Presidio


• Sponsors a high school student’s Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders (I-YEL) internship for an entire year!

• Sponsors one year of monitoring the endangered mission blue butterfly populations in San Mateo County


• Sponsorship of an entire park volunteer program, including intern support and training with native plants work, trail and habitat restoration, monitoring of endangered species, and more

• Provides an entire high school class with a field science
learning module in our national park through Project WISE

• Provides four months of engagement, outreach, and education to support major projects like the revitalization of Lands End

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The info we get by e-mail, on-line, and even snail mail, helps keep us informed and always seems to gives us something to look forward to, to see the changes when we manage to swing through on an annual or biannual basis.  Some things change dramatically (e.g. Tennessee Valley Watershed restoration, or further back the Lands End visitor center) and some don't seem to change at all (walking up Lover's Lane or the sand steps).   We are absolutely looking forward to returning back to the Bay Area...

Butch Byers, Leaders Circle member

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