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Sat, Jun 1, 2019 9:00pm-10:30pm
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Starry sky above the Golden Gate Bridge

The night sky has filled humans with wonder since the dawn of our existence. Even Ohlone Native Americans have their own story of how the stars came to be! The Presidio provides a spectacular night sky environment to learn about and identify stars, constellations, planets, and deep space objects.  Join Ranger Nate for an hour and a half program that begins with a presentation in the Presidio Visitor Center to gain a basic understanding of the night sky and continues with an outdoor observation session on the Main Parade Ground where we will identify celestial objects.  We'll also use some astronomical tools to help "magnify" our experience!  Rain does not cancel.  Appropriate for all ages.  Reservations required, please call the Presidio Visitor Center at (415) 561-4323. 

210 Lincoln Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94129 ,

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