Botany Series: Basic Botany


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Tue, Feb 4 9:00am-12:30pm
Park Academy, Botany Series

How do plants work? If it’s been way too long since that high school biology class, come take a step back with Annette Russell (Presidio Senior Nursery Manager). We will learn the basic processes that plants go through in life, how they have adapted to the changing earth environment over time, and how they use various structures to reproduce. This class will be very hands-on and informative, and you will leave knowing the vocabulary to talk about plants as well as some practical ideas that will help you in your internship, volunteer experience, or home garden. 

Keep in mind, this class is for those that are looking to start with the very basics of plant science and anatomy; it is one of the first, basic, classes in our Botany Series.

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Please note: Park Academy classes are meant as a special perk for volunteers, members, and employees. If you do not work for the Golden Gate National Parks, are not a member, or have not volunteered with us in the past year, a donation is encouraged. Volunteer or become a member today!



1249 Appleton St
San Francisco, CA 94129

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