Celebrating 50th Anniversary of the Golden Gate National Parks

Headlands Brewery collaboration helps support parks

Headlands Brewery Collaboration to Support Parks

Headlands Brewing Co and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy are proud to collaborate on a series of West Coast IPAs, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. $1 from every 4-pack sold will be donated by Headlands Brewing to support the Parks Conservancy’s work preserving the Golden Gate national parks.

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The Parks Conservancy is responsible for preserving more than 82,000 acres of national parklands, north and south of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Join us and Headlands Brewing Co with a donation or become a Parks Conservancy member to improve the parks for visitors, wildlife and future generations. 

Tasting notes for Golden Gate West Coast IPA

Headlands Brewery can and glass

The Golden Gate Bridge symbolizes California’s bold and adventurous heritage, and Headlands Golden Gate IPA channels that spirit - showcasing modern hop and brewing techniques layered onto classic West Coast styling. Pouring a pale yellow, this IPA has a firm yet balanced bitterness, and bursts with aromas and flavors of tangerine, mango and a medley of other citrus and tropical fruits.

Your parks need you now more than ever

Your support helps ensure these places will be here in the future—please give now.