Indirect Cost Rate Acceptance Policy

The Parks Conservancy maintains a policy that limits indirect costs (overhead) for grants and contracts as follows: Up to 5% indirect cost (overhead) rate for colleges, universities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Direct costs are costs associated with services that benefit a specific project. These costs would not be incurred if not for the existence of the program or project being funded. This includes salaries and associated benefits for personnel directly involved with the project, materials, supplies, consultants, contractors, printing, travel, equipment rental, and equipment purchases (ownership of such equipment must be transferred to the Parks Conservancy after the project is completed).

Indirect costs are expenses that are related to the general operations and administration of an organization or that benefit more than one project. Their precise benefits to a specific project cannot easily be identified. This includes utilities, facilities costs, audit and legal costs, administrative staff, computer use, and equipment use.