Internships & Fellowships

Interns, Fellows and Staff from the Community Science and Conservation team collecting data on Mount Tam

The Parks Conservancy offers a variety of 6-month internship and year-long fellowship opportunities working with diverse teams across the parks. Opportunities vary throughout the year and include working with: Conservation and Community Science, Native Plant Nurseries, Outreach and Education, Youth Programs, Projects and Planning, Volunteers and Workforce Development, and more!

Opportunities for Career Development

Our 6-month internships aim to provide career exploration opportunities for 18 +yrs. Most positions require a high school degree or equivalent and limited to no work experience.  

Current open internship positions:

Our yearlong fellowship opportunities offer specific skill and resume development. Most positions require a college degree or relevant experience. 

Current open fellowship positions:


Explore the National Park Service Internship webpage for additional opportunities at Golden Gate.

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