Mark Lundgren

Nurturing Landscape and Community in the Presidio


Portrait of a man wearing sunglasses and an NPS Volunteer hat.
Mark Lundgren moved to San Francisco from the East Coast 35 years ago. While he loved living in the city, he also felt a deep attachment to the natural world, and the Presidio was his respite. He became a tireless volunteer with the Presidio Habitat Stewards program as well as a longtime member of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.   

Mark started volunteering during the restoration of El Polín Spring 15 years ago and was with the stewardship team every step of the way. He participated in hundreds of weekend volunteer programs over the years. He enjoyed the camaraderie and teamwork within his volunteer group and got to see the fruits of his labor take hold over the years. Says Lew Stringer of the Presidio Trust: “his generosity of spirit and ability to connect with people of all backgrounds made him a vital force in our community.” According to his brother Jay, Mark often and proudly shared photos of the areas he was helping to restore with his family.  
Mark felt connected and contributed to the parklands in many ways. As a longtime editor at the San Francisco Chronicle, he shared his passion for the Presidio with the readers of that paper through many in-depth stories focused on our collective work. When he unexpectedly passed away in 2022, many of his fellow volunteers made gifts to the Parks Conservancy in his memory to support the Presidio Habitat Stewards program. Mark himself named the Parks Conservancy as a beneficiary of his estate plan, and his bequest gift — directed towards Presidio habitat restoration — is a wonderful extension of his values and interests. 
We're truly grateful for Mark’s impact on the parks, particularly the Presidio, as both a volunteer and supporter. As Jay shared: “I know Mark’s gift will be put to good use. He certainly enjoyed his volunteer work at the Presidio and knowing that the bequest will continue that work makes me and the rest of our family extremely happy.”

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