Renata Gasperi

Inspiration Abroad and At Home


Silver Lupine Circle member Renata Gasperi
Renata Gasperi and her husband Don Frediani were members and supporters of the Parks Conservancy since 1990 and faithfully attended special events.  Together, they travelled extensively, exploring all seven continents, sailing and scuba diving throughout the world's oceans, and enjoying their beautiful property in the Dolomites region of Italy with friends and family.  Renata's cousin Tony remarked on "her adventurous spirit and passion for travel."  The two of them supported many cultural and environmental organizations, which have benefited from their kindness and generosity.


When Don passed away in 2016, Renata continued to travel and dive, even after knee surgeries, and to volunteer on Alcatraz Island in the restored gardens.  The Parks Conservancy began work on the gardens in 1994 with the support of the Garden Conservancy, and Renata was the first volunteer before there even was a formal volunteer program.  She liked to say she was the Number One Volunteer.  She didn't limit herself to regular volunteer days but liked to go "as much as I can because I know what needs to be done and I know how to do it"!  Her nephew Lorenzo of Trento commented "that Renata was always full of motivation and enthusiasm for her involvement in the Alcatraz Gardens project, that represented for her a special moment of physical and mental regeneration." 

Renata passed away on June 29 at the age of 79.  She thoughtfully named the Parks Conservancy as a beneficiary of her estate.  We are grateful to Renata and Don for all of the ways that they committed their support to our parklands.

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