Silver Lupine Circle Members


A silver lupine brush at the Presidio Tunnel Tops, Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands in the background.

When you make a planned gift to the Conservancy, you become a member of the Silver Lupine Circle -- a community of park lovers who, like you, ensure these national treasures will be protected and nurtured for generations to come.  You join an extraordinary group of people -- hikers and history buffs, beachcombers and triathletes, volunteers and philanthropists, parents and grandparents, friends and neighbors -- who care about preserving these parks as much as you do.  We are grateful to our stewards for tomorrow.


Michael Alexander & Dianna Waggoner 

Faith Allen, M.D. 

Claude Alverson 

Dean Anderson 

Erica Becker 

Nancy Belcher 

Sarah Benner 

Randi E. Berg 

Rebecca Bianchi 

Earl Blauner and Linda Marks 

Genevieve Bollman 

Mary Bollman 

Heather Borman 

Michael Burnside 

Kevin & Anja Castner  

Savita K. Chand 

Sharon L. Clisham 

Seymour I. Cohen, M.D. 

Avril Couris 

Linda Crowthers 

John and Barbara Dahlquist 

Traci Eckels 

Jay Eickenhorst  

Nicolas Elsishans 

Bruce Forrester 

Barbara & Ron Forsstrom 

Diane W. Frankenstein 

Paul and Marilyn Gardner 

Lloyd & Kay Ann Gordon 

John L. Graham, M.D. 

Ruth and Jim Gravanis 

Charlie & Ginger Guthrie 

Felicity Hammer 

Noriko Harada 

James Harris 

Amanda & Vincent Hoenigman 

Debra Holcomb & Dale Ashlock 

Alex Ingersoll & Martin Tannenbaum 

Barbara Jording and Liz Wharton 

Charlotte Kay & Hank Holmberg 

Jason Koyasako 

James A. Lahey Jr. 

Jane Ann Lamph 

Linda Lavelle 

Jack Leibman 

Isabelle A. Lemon 

Celia Lenson 

Patricia Locke 

John Scott Loots & Rebecca A. Wilson-Loots 

Jane E. Markell 

John A. Martini 

Amy S. McCombs 

Betsy McGee 

Barbara J. Meislin 

Diane L. Merdian 

Thomas Meyer, The Rhine Meyer Living Trust 

Linda S. Mitteness & Judith C. Barker 

Melanie Frost Moll 

Cathy & Howard Moreland 

Kathryn Morelli 

Nancy Mori 

Leslie Mueller & Susan Fey 

Michael Murphy & Margaret A. Koehler 

Hayden Murray 

William Newmeyer, M.D. 

Jill North 

Michelle O’Herron & Jerell Price 

Brian O’Laughlin 

Stephan Pardi 

Herbert C. Ploch 

Elizabeth Rouan 

Isabel Sadurni 

Katherine Sanderson 

Victoria Sandvig 

Sylvia Saunders 

Faye Schulte 

Bob Seitz & Barbara Lipinski 

Kurt Shuck 

Les Simar 

Steven Lee Sklar 

Valerie E. Sopher 

Terry Stephens 

Kaylah Cheryl Sterling 

Mary Kirk Stofflet 

Sam & Ailene Stokes 

Nelson Stubbins 

Donald Sudnikoff 

Peter Tannen 

Harriette E. Treloar 

Mercedes Van Den Berg 

Peter Van Der Sterre 

Mary Jane Voelker 

Kirby Walker and Paul Danielsen 

Erika Walther 

Donna Weidenfeller 

Jeffrey Weil 

Stuart Wells 

Dr. Kris Werner 

Richard Wilhelm 

Roy A. Wingate 

Elizabeth M. Wood & The Estate of Geoffrey T. Wood 

Audrey L. Yee 

Betty L. Young 


And if you have named the Conservancy as a beneficiary of your estate plan, please let us know by contacting Audrey L. Yee, Esq. at or (415) 561-3016 so that we can share our appreciation.  Thank you!

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