Camping at the Presidio Resource Kits

If you’re looking for additional activities to use during your CAP visit, check out these kits! They’re a fun way for you to engage with your group, learn about the Presidio, and develop your leadership skills.   

Camping at the Presidio (CAP) Kits Descriptions

Click the links below or scroll down to read the description of each kit. Click on the images to view full-size.

Campfire Kit: all grade levels
Teambuilding: kindergarten and up
Leave No Trace I: grade 1 and up
Plant Detectives: grade 2 and up
Footsteps and Memories: grade 3 and up
Wayfinding: grade 4 and up
Leave No Trace II: grade 8 and up

Campfire Kit: all grade levels 
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Camping at the Presidio song and story books (25)

Leader guide folder: songs, stories, and games (1)

Leave No Trace informational/activity laminated handout (1)

8 inch rhythm stick (1 with 2 pieces)

Maraca (1)

Small shakers (30)

Tuned percussion tubes (8)

Oval shaker (1)

Hour glass shaped rhythm shaker with stick (1)

Activities (provided):

Back to Back

Leave No Trace Charades

The Bat and Moth Game

Colors in Nature

Pigs Fly

Change Three Things

Hug a Tree

Fast Fingers


Create songs/music, plays and stories using materials provided

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Team Building: kindergarten and up 
This activity kit is designed to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical, safe, and meaningful play. Click photo to enlarge.


Rope (1)

Throwables (7)

Hacky sacks (4)

Tennis balls (2)

Soccer ball (1)

Activities (provided):

Ice breakers

Tag games

Cooperative games

Core playground games and sports

Health and fitness: fit kid program

Inside games and minute makers

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Leave No Trace I: grade 1 and up
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Activities folder (7)

Activities (provided):

Step On It—The Feud

What Principle Am I?

Discovering the Leave No Trace Principles

Watch Your Step

The Leave No Trace Draw

The Ethic Game

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Plant Detectives: grade 2 and up 
In this activity kit, children will be able to hike throughout the Presidio Trails and learn how to identify plants. Click photo to enlarge.


Crayons (1 bag)

Hand lenses (7)

Pencils (21)

Pens (4)

Map of the Presidio (2)


White papers

Nature in the City guidebook (1)

A Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of Northern California (1)

Plant identification booklet (1)

Leaf and plant rubbings activity handout (1)

Activity (provided):

Rubbing activity with fallen leaves


Adults can prepare a plants identification bingo game where children are able to explore the Presidio and find plants that are listed on the bingo sheet.

Adults can do a silent sketching/drawing activity.

Adults can have children write a poem or song.

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Footsteps and Memories: grade 3 and up 
This kit will enable children will be able to go on a fun and educational hike along the Anza Trail. During the hike, children will learn about the journey the colonists endured and the impact that was left on the indigenous or first people who populated California. Click photo to enlarge.


Backpack (1)

Pencils (40)

Colored pencils (1 bag)

Crayons (1 bag)

Footsteps and Memories guide book (1)

Informational activities handouts with illustrations (A-F)

Activities (provided):

History skit

Trust hike along the Anza Trail


Adults can create their own identification bingo using Resource D Laminated handout. The children will be able to learn how to identify native plants.

Adults can let children make a story book of their journey on the Anza Trail.

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Wayfinding: grade 4 and up 
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The goals for this CAP kit are to:

Introduce participants to the different parts of the compass.

Participants learn how to orient themselves using a compass.

Hands-on practice identifying cardinal directions and exploration of space using a compass.

Main goal: practice creating an “outdoor classroom” while on a hike.


Compasses (25)

Laminated activity handbook (1)

Activity (provided):

Teach children how to use the provided compass to find locations included in the packets.


Compass tag: children play a game using the cardinal directions to locate different objects outdoors.

What you need: 10 or more objects that are easily recognizable. Signs saying North, South, East, and West and compass rose (optional).

Adult can create a treasure hunt using the compass.

Adult can create an arts and craft project where children make their own compasses out of paper.

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Leave No Trace II: grade 8 and up 
This activity packet is a way to introduce “outdoor ethics” and can be a supplement to an existing outdoor program, curriculum, class or project. Click photo to enlarge.


The teen program start card (1)

An introduction to the PEAK Program CD (1)

Leave no trace activities folders (4)

Activities (provided):

Leave no trace “ethics game”

Leave no trace “unlocking the past”

Leave no trace “principle presentation”

Leave no trace “how prepared are you?”

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