Crissy Field Center’s 2013 Resolutions


A New Year is underway at the Crissy Field Center!

The Center is committed to diversity not only in the communities it serves, but also in its staff, who bring a great variety of interests, backgrounds, and experiences to share with program participants. Here are some of the 2013 professional and personal goals for some of these amazing educators and specialists.

  • In 2013 I resolve to walk more, write more letters to my international friends, and find more snakes and amphibians in the wild.
    —Jon Shade, Media Lab Specialist
  • Ride my bicycle more and continue being awesome.
    —Francis Taroc, Environmental Science Specialist
  • I will be performing piano with a live band at Café du Nord this April. I also hope to develop a website of my artwork this year.
    —Marijanna Shurtz, Sustainable Arts Specialist
  • To listen and to be more mindful.
  • Climb harder.
    —Josh Gannis, Associate Director, Community Programs
  • Spend more time with my parents.
  • Learn how to cook and sew from my mom.
  • Beat the “Expert” level of Minesweeper within 120 seconds.
  • Defeat my boyfriend in Kinect Sport’s Track and Field.
  • Run a half marathon.
  • Actually read the books I’ve bought in the past five years from the Annual Library Book Sale.
    —May Tran, Community Services Specialist
  • Eating healthy is definitely a priority in our house; my husband and I eat organically and locally raised meat and produce. We cook creatively with the vegetables from our CSA box. To ensure a healthy dinner we make sure that half of your plate is filled with veggies, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with whole grains. Itadakimasu! Bon appetit! 
    —Nicole Jung-Alexander, National Park Service Education Program Manager
  • Well, I make resolutions on my birthday in July, the beginning of the year cycle for my life.  January 1 is a time to reflect and check in on my progress.  So far I've nearly surpassed them! I would like to finish a marathon by this time next year.”
    —Alexandro Paz, Camping at the Presidio Outreach Educator
  • Run a half marathon (or just run more).
  • Be more financially frugal.
  • Take advantage of the many professional development opportunities both in and out of the park.
  • Travel more!
  • Write more.
    —Grace Malango-Blake, Outdoor Education Specialist
  • My resolution is to find one different project/hobby every month. Knitting, painting, welding, craftsmanship, etc.
    —Sam Tran, Middle School Programs Coordinator
  • Eat healthier, go to the gym four times a week, and graduate in May!
    —Abellona Ouk, Community Groups Program Intern

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