How $10 Can Help Give a Kid a Park Day


December 1, 2015 is Giving Tuesday, when people around the world celebrate generosity and the spirit of giving by donating to the causes that are important to them.

Give back to the parks you love on Giving Tuesday!  

Remember all the things that national parks give us, every day, throughout the year. And then think of how much the parks give our children and youth—a space to grow, learn, reflect, play, and feel a sense of wonder.

This Giving Tuesday, help make those experiences possible for all young people—regardless of their background and situation.

Your donation can buy the gear and equipment that we need to provide amazing outdoor adventures to kids from underserved communities. Below, you’ll see a slideshow of how your dollars can go directly to purchasing much-needed supplies.

This Giving Tuesday, give something truly special: a child’s unforgettable day in the woods, at the beach, on the trails, or under stars.