A Look Back at an Unforgettable 2013


friends at beach

This year at the Crissy Field Center, we bade a bittersweet farewell to Jie Chen, our former High School Program Manager, and Jon Shade, our former Media Specialist, as they went off to pursue other dreams. But we said hello to Ilana Somasunderam, our new Media Specialist, Jessica Chen, our new High School Program Manager (and former I-YEL [Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders] participant) and Guilder Ramirez, our Urban Ecology Educator (another I-YEL alum). Additionally, we had a special visit from Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell! 

Read on for more highlights from 2013.

Miguel Gutierrez, Camping at the Presidio (CAP) Program Manager: “I was doing a welcome at the campground at Rob Hill, and a hawk flew over our circle and squawked at us and then perched in a nearby Monterey cypress. But that was after Makoto, our CAP intern, did a cartwheel to introduce himself to the school group—which would be my second highlight.”

Sam Tran, Middle School Coordinator: “Urban Trail Blazers (UTB) was able to serve 48 students this past summer for seven weeks. We also added three instructors and eight high school interns.”

Greg Babor, Facilities and Program Operations Manager: “My favorite memory was being able to chaperone UTB for the overnight on Alcatraz. Amazing!”

Josh Gannis, Associate Director, Community Programs: “Watching DQ (an I-YEL participant) perform during opening night of the ‘For the Love of the City’ I-YEL play. The passion and sheer joy that he emanated from his performance was amazing. That was my 2013 highlight.”

Christy Rocca, Director, Crissy Field Center: “Witnessing one of our next-generation youth leaders, Guilder Ramirez, in his new role as the Urban Ecology Educator, address Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. During her visit to Crissy Field Center on November 7, he recalled his leadership development experience and what he personally gained by being involved with the parks.”

The coming year 2014 is sure to have many more meaningful highlights in store for the Crissy Field Center and the youth we serve!

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