Move that Fence: Presidio Trail Upgrades Opening Soon


After almost one year, the detour signs and k-rails are starting to disappear from the west side of the Presidio along Lincoln Boulevard.

Behind all those cyclone fences and barricades, Parks Conservancy, National Park Service, and Presidio Trust staff and construction crews have been working on several trail improvement and resource restoration projects from Merchant Road south to Kobbe Avenue. By mid-May, you’ll be able to experience the new trails and overlooks for yourself, without having to wear a fluorescent construction vest or hard hat.

Already, dedicated bike lanes are in place along Lincoln Boulevard in both directions, and Washington Boulevard is a two-way street—two changes bicyclists and motorists have long-waited for.

By early May, a new path, with a hardened, natural surface, will run adjacent to Lincoln on the west side from the Merchant Road parking lot to the soon-to-be-complete Pacific Overlook. This path, the California Coastal Trail segment through the Presidio, is wide enough to accommodate bicyclists and hikers, and stable enough to meet outdoor accessibility guidelines.

By mid-May, the new Golden Gate Overlook will be complete, just in time for its namesake’s 75th anniversary. This overlook is constructed of stone compatible with the historic batteries it parallels and offers a dramatic sight-line through the two Bridge towers. A new path will lead visitors from the Merchant Road parking lot, by the hillside planted with native vegetation—thanks to the support of hundreds of Park Stewardship volunteers and the Presidio Native Plant Nursery.

Finally, this phase of improvements will be complete with the construction of the Pacific Overlook. Also constructed of stone compatible with the area, this overlook only welcomes pedestrians and bicyclists (no vehicle access), for safety reasons and to provide a quiet opportunity to enjoy the view. A new crosswalk and three-way stop allows visitors to safely access the overlook from the east side and a trail that leads to Rob Hill Campground.

It’s been a full year, and one that’s required the patience of neighbors, visitors, park staff, and construction crews alike. Just a preview suggests it will be worth it. We hope to see you on the trail to enjoy this labor of love. 

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