Here's the Dirt (Grades 6, 7, 8)

Volunteers Caring for Native Plants

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Here’s the Dirt utilizes a student-centered learning approach. Lessons are organized so students can build on the knowledge they have already gained. Each activity, indoors and outside, is based on helping students achieve science education standards.

Pre-visit activities involve students in games and videos that develop an understanding of ecosystems, ability to identify specific indigenous plants, and appreciation of different historic land uses.

A field experience in a native plant nursery engages students in learning stations that cover different elements of the nursery’s growth cycle, such as seed cleaning, sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, composting, tending a demonstration garden or nursery maintenance.

Post-visit activities reinforce scientific concepts through Environmental Jeopardy, creation of an herbal salve using indigenous or exotic plants, or the propagation of plants in the classroom.

Age, Skills, What to Bring:


An enthusiasm for habitat restoration!

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