Green Gulch Trail


Green Gulch Farm

To get to the trailhead, you'll need to make your way into the Green Gulch Farm. Go past the left side of the farm, and you'll start an ascent. You'll be working around to the eastern slope of the hill, then as you come back around toward the west you'll gradually wind your way up past the Hope Cottage. The cottage marks the halfway point. 

Now, your view will remain out toward the west and north. Included in your view will be Muir Beach, Dias Ridge, and of course the Green Gulch Farm and Zen Center. This trail connects the highway with Tennessee Valley for an out and back, or part of any number of looped hikes once you join the Coyote Ridge Trail.

Elevation Profile

Surface Type

Surface Category



2.82 miles round-trip

Elevation Gain

815.00 feet

Elevation Loss

-175.00 feet

Typical Tread Width

94 Inches

Minimum Tread Width

63 Inches

Typical Cross-Slope


Maximum Cross-Slope


Typical Grade


Maximum Grade