Rodeo Avenue Trail


Habitat restoration volunteers work on Alta Ridge

The Rodeo Avenue Trail begins with a series of switchbacks. It seems that every time you come around one of these turns you are looking at a different forest. Eucalyptus, tall and full, then the yellow Acacia followed immediately by the cypress grove and near the top, a mix of pines. Each area has its own fragrance. 

The switchbacks make this climb easy enough. After the fourth one, just past half way, the trails levels off quite a bit right up to the Alta Avenue Trail. Be sure to look behind you as you make this climb, the view down into Tiburon and Sausalito and the East Bay continues to broaden.

Elevation Profile

Surface Type

Surface Category



1.39 miles round-trip

Elevation Gain

404.00 feet

Elevation Loss

-42.00 feet

Typical Tread Width

105 Inches

Minimum Tread Width

97 Inches

Typical Cross-Slope


Maximum Cross-Slope


Typical Grade


Maximum Grade