Award-Winning Redwood Fog Globe Raises Climate Change Awareness


Fog Globe (Wide)

Celebrate California's redwood forests with our new fog globe, winner of the 2019 Public Lands Alliance Innovative Product of the Year Award.

This innovative take on a traditional snow globe draws attention to climate change and its effects on California’s beloved redwood forests. Instead of falling snow, the globe simulates the swirling effects of California’s dense coastal fog. The gift box contains information on Sequoia sempervirens, the monumental coast redwood, and the threats it faces from changing coastal temperatures and fog patterns. Inside the box, a molded cardboard package replaces traditional Styrofoam to comply with San Francisco’s 2017 ban on single use Styrofoam. The result is an inventive and fun take on a popular visitor item that both celebrates our magnificent redwoods and draws attention to the challenges they face.

We’re proud to work with our partners at the National Park Service to raise awareness about climate change. By creating products focused on this issue, we’re standing up for our redwoods and encouraging our park visitors to become educated and engaged citizen scientists.

Take home the spirit of the forest! 

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Proceeds from your purchase support educational and stewardship in the park.