Andy Goldsworthy, Wood Line

Andy Goldsworthy, Wood Line

Ongoing/Permanent | sculpture
Free and open to the public

Wood Line is presented by the partnership of the Presidio Trust and the FOR-SITE Foundation.

In 2010, at the roots of the eucalyptus trees in the Presidio, British artist Andy Goldsworthy created the scuplture Wood Line. When the trees were planted in the 1880s, the cypress trees grew in and out of the rows of eucalyptus. Slowly the number of cypress trees dwindled until there was a need for art to fill the resulting gap. This piece, as Goldsworthy puts it, “draws the place,” and creates a surreal moment where nature and the manmade collide playfully.

The wood for Wood Line was sourced from various Presidio projects that required tree removal, including Doyle Drive reconstruction, environmental remediation, and habitat restoration. The wood was laid upon the ground in a winding line that flows into the valley of the Tennessee Hollow Watershed. Much like Goldsworthy’s 2008 piece in the Presidio, Spire, Wood Line reimagines the cycle of life and death in the parks and constructs art out of debris.

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