Fort Mason Projects


About 75 goats munched through the area as part of the East Black Point Project at Fort Mason, a former Army post that is now an amalgamation of residences, visitor destinations, and offices.

Situated on a hilltop with sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate, Fort Mason’s long and varied 200-year history includes important Spanish, Mexican, and the U. S. fortifications, early San Francisco homesteads, and a logistical hub for military operations in the Pacific during WWI and WWII.
Remnants of the past can be seen everywhere at Fort Mason, and the Parks Conservancy’s Projects Department has worked closely with the National Park Service over the years to repair roads, rehabilitate buildings, improve trails, and provide interpretive and directional signage to help keep Fort Mason’s history alive and to care for this popular park site.
In 2009 we helped create a safer passage through the Fort Mason “squeeze”—an especially narrow part of the Bay Trail used by thousands of visitors each day. With the help of community volunteers, and a team of hungry goats, we are currently working to repair and reopen the historic gardens and pathways at East Black Point on east-facing side of Fort Mason. When the project is complete in 2019, residents and visitors will have a safe and scenic new walking route with spectacular views of the Bay.

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