PYC Shared Solutions

PYC creates Shared Solutions to ensure that the park community continues to grow, both inside and out.

Two youth working on a project together

PYC creates Shared Solutions to ensure that no opportunity is out of reach for park visitors. Through Shared Solutions, PYC is strengthening the connection of youth-serving organizations in the park under the mission of serving more youth, better. Currently, we are doing this in two ways: finding solutions for transportation and access to park lands, and building digital infrastructure that allows current PYC partners to easily connect collaborate.

More about PYC's Shared Solutions

One of the largest barriers to programming in the park is physical transportation to the park. We acknowledge that, for many communities, parks are physically inaccessible due to distance and lack of transportation options. However, there are solutions out there, and we are working together with the park community to find them. PYC has worked with transportation consultants Nelson/Nygaard to conduct several studies on transportation solutions that can help more youth and classrooms access their national parks. Check out the side bar to see our published studies.

To support ongoing discussion and contribution from PYC partners, PYC created a SharePoint site that makes it easy for partners to work together on PYC projects. Sharepoint serves as a custom-made hub for PYC partners, where they can find news updates, all of PYC's digital resources and tools, and collaborative files.

Visit our Partner Sharepoint page here. If you are a PYC Partner and do not yet have access to SharePoint, please contact

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