Change Makers Report Highlights Five Years of Institute Success


Beach Hut Cafe

A nine-year old with ADHD. A teenager studying climate change. A café owner serving healthy, local food. A senior citizen with Type II diabetes.

What do they all have in common? The answer is our nation’s parks and open spaces!

Here at the Institute at the Golden Gate, we believe passionately in the power of parks and public lands to be part of the answer to some of society’s biggest challenges. We support the active role of parks in promoting human health and wellbeing, providing innovative education for all generations, and becoming places that are valued and relevant for all people, irrespective of culture, age, ethnicity, or background.

Since we first opened our doors to the public five years ago, the Institute has helped improve policy and practice locally, regionally, and even nationally. Building on the momentum of earlier years, 2013 was probably our most successful year yet.

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we recently published a new report, Change Makers. It tells the Institute story so far, including how we’ve leveraged the power of people, place, and partnerships to bring about major change.

Change Makers also looks to the future, detailing how we plan to strengthen the role of parks in helping solve society’s health, food, urban, climate, and education challenges. 

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The Institute at the Golden Gate Team

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