Don't Tip the Scales: Hike a Park Trail


Dipsea Trail (Mount Tamalpais)

Do you feel heavy, like the whipping cream used to top off the pumpkin pie? Do you feel slow, like the lethargy created by a tryptophan overdose? Do you find that your sweatpants go with everything, like when you’ve grown tired of your wardrobe and nothing will do?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are likely suffering from the Why-Did-I-Go-Back-For-Seconds syndrome—and the only relief can be found in your Golden Gate National Parks!

Cure what ails you by heading outdoors and burning off those delicious holiday calories. Hike one or all three trails to get your heart rate up and your calories down.

Put down the leftovers. Grab your friends and family and get hiking. Best part is—you can still wear your sweatpants.

1. Dipsea Trail, Muir Woods to Stinson Beach
Round trip – 9.44 miles
Go ahead, have that extra slice of pie.

2. Notch Trail, Sweeney Ridge
Round trip – 6.74 miles
Take that, turkey!

3. Oakwood Valley Trail, Oakwood Valley
Round trip – 5.68 miles
Gravy shmavy, you don’t have anything on me!


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