Historic Headlands Tunnel Reopens After Repairs


Just in time for summer visitors, the historic Baker-Barry Tunnel—a main artery into the Marin Headlands that’s popularly known as the “Five-Minute Tunnel”—has been reopened after significant upgrades.

Closed for repairs since January, 2017, the 100-year-old tunnel now features a more sustainable and energy-efficient LED light system that will provide better illumination for motorists and cyclists.

Another safety concern—the slick road surface—has been addressed by polyurethane grout and resin, which were injected into tunnel cracks and joints to control the water seepage. Crews also replaced aging water and sewer lines that had been subject to frequent breaks.

“We continually work to improve visitor experience and to achieve both access and preservation—and this project does both,” said Golden Gate National Recreation Area Acting Superintendent Cicely Muldoon.

Thanks to the recently completed work, the tunnel will continue to be a portal to adventure, beauty, and serenity in the Marin Headlands for many more years to come.

The project was jointly funded by the National Park Service and Federal Highways Administration (FHWA), and managed by FHWA with NPS support.

Michael Hsu joined the Parks Conservancy Communications team in 2007 with a professional background in newspapers and magazines.

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