The Institute Quiz: Win a Prize Pack


Beach Hut Cafe

The Institute at the Golden Gate contributes to a more sustainable and healthy world by harnessing the power of parks and public lands to advance environmental stewardship and human wellbeing.

But how much do you really know about our work?

Be the first to submit correct answers to the questions below, and win an Institute gift pack containing a Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy fleece vest, canvas tote bag, a tin of dark chocolate drops, and a Fort Baker mug.

For more information about the health, food, and climate facts provided or to submit your answers, e-mail us at

1. Which of the following is NOT an Institute at the Golden Gate program area?
    a. Food for the Parks
    b. Water Conservation in the Parks
    c. Parks & Health
    d. Climate Education in the Parks

2. The Institute’s Food for the Parks program has the potential to impact the _________ meals served in our national parks annually.
    a. 1 million
    b. 10 million
    c. 35 million

3. Where is the Golden Gate National Recreation Area's sea-level rise interpretive display? What color is the top level?
    a. The historic gardens of Alcatraz; Green
    b. Crissy Field, on the marsh bridge; Red
    c. The coastal bluffs at Baker Beach; Orange

4. What is the Institute’s mascot?
    a. Ottington J. Bear, dog model, former lawyer, all around lovable puppy
    b. Sutro Sam, adorable river otter and sassy Twitter user
    c. Randy the Redtail Hawk, lives in Olema Valley and often overindulges on cheese
    d. Mascot? We don’t have one yet—give us your suggestions!

5. Children living within 2/3 mile of a park with a playground are how many times more likely to have a healthy weight?
    a. 1.4 times
    b. 3 times
    c. 5 times

6. From this list of delicious, local meals offered in the Golden Gate National Parks, which one was featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” program on the Food Network?
    a. Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, Muir Woods Café
    b. Turkey with Brie and Cranberry Wrap, Beach Hut Café
    c. World Famous Cliff House Clam Chowder, Lands End Lookout Café

7. Exposure to nature can reduce stress levels by how much in children?
    a. 4%
    b. 11%
    c. 28%

8. List three ways that climate change will impact parks in the Bay Area.

9. Where is the Institute at the Golden Gate located?
    a. Fort Mason
    b. The Presidio
    c. Fort Funston
    d. Fort Baker