Muir Woods’ Boardwalk Empire Expands


Muir Woods boardwalk

Muir Woods is a peaceful place of wonder. The parking lot and visitor center welcome visitors to explore the remarkable coast redwood trees. Once inside the woods, the Main Trail’s boardwalk leads visitors deep into a gentle valley ringed with old-growth trees. One such ring of old-growth trees, Founders Grove, was recently named and you can find out how it received its name here.  


If you visited Muir Woods in the last three months you probably noticed the tranquility of Muir Woods was interrupted by the sound of construction and heavy equipment. This temporary disturbance was our Golden Gate Trail Crew taking advantage of the non-peak visitor season to work on trail-related projects in and around Muir Woods.

One of these projects was the construction of a brand-new area of boardwalk off of the Main Trail. This area was once asphalt—previously an acceptable material for pathways into the woods. But it turns out that asphalt disturbs natural hydrological processes, due to the heavily compacted soil underneath its surface.


Since 1999, park staff have been steadily removing segments of the paved Main Trail and replacing them with narrower, wooden raised boardwalks. Built of Forest Stewardship Council coast redwood lumber, these boardwalks reduce impact on the forest floor and tree roots, allow water to flow to Redwood Creek, and provide shelter for forest animals. 

This new area of boardwalk is located directly underneath Founders Grove, near the Pinchot Tree and Curly Bark Classroom. Stop by to catch an interpretive talk, bask in the glory of the giant coast redwoods, and take a peek at the latest addition to the Muir Woods boardwalk! 

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