Time to Play: Name that Trail!


To build excitement for National Trails Day on June 2, 2012, we are putting you to the (trail) test. Flex your brain muscles to identify the park and the trail in the photos below and discover what type of trail aficionado (or not!) you are. (Scroll down for the answers)

Regardless of your score, come volunteer with us on National Trails Day, the nation’s largest celebration of trails and the outdoors. Thanks to our partner organizations REI and American Hiking Society (as well as support from the National Park Foundation and The Coca-Cola Foundation), there will lunch, fun, prizes, exercise, and more! Bring your friends and family and we’ll supply the rest! Register for a project in Marin, San Francisco or San Mateo counties—see you there!

Trail #1 Clue:
Over the ridge and through the (oak) woods to Mount Tamalpais we go!

Trail #2 Clue:
You don’t have to walk the plank, but you do have to hike this trail to reach the tranquil beach below. Shiver me timbers!

Trail #3 Clue:
Prohibition. What’s the point?

Trail #4 Clue:
Don’t let this redwood grove phool you. The foggy trail here winds through this slightly less famous redwood forest of the Golden Gate National Parks.

Trail #5 Clue:
Bathe in the beauty of the park where land meets sea.

Trail #6 Clue:
This trail, aptly named after the area of scientific study focusing on relations between living organisms and their natural environments, leads visitors to the only named freshwater spring in the Presidio.


How did you do? Check your answers and find out what type of trail aficionado you are below!

  1. Dias Ridge Trail, Dias Ridge
  2. Pirates Cove Trail, Marin Headlands
  3. Bootlegger Stairs, Coastal Trail, Mori Point
  4. Miramontes Trail, Phleger Estate
  5. Sutro Baths Upper Trail, Lands End
  6. Ecology Trail, El Polin Spring, Presidio

0-2 correct: Trail Turkey – Looks like you could use some more time in the parks! Start on June 2 by volunteering at National Trails Day.

3-4 correct: Trail Tot – Not bad, but you’ve still got some learning to do. Now go take a hike, and don’t forget to join us on June 2 for National Trails Day.

5-6 correct: Trailblazer – Great job! You’re a trail pro and we want you to bring your expertise to National Trails Day on June 2.

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