Trail Anatomy 101: Name That Feature!


National Trails Day is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! On June 1 people from across the country will join forces to celebrate over 200,000 miles of trail that have enhanced the landscape. In order to build excitement for National Trails Day we are once again offering a fun trivia quiz!

So put on you thinking caps—or your hard hats—and grab a shovel, because you’ll need to dig deep into your memory and knowledge for these answers. It’s time to play Name That Trail Feature! The rules are simple: identify the trail structures below, pile up the points, and see just how trail savvy you really are.

Regardless of your score, join us on National Trails Day on June 1 for a fun and educational day of service! Thanks to our partner organizations REI and American Hiking Society. There will be lunch, prizes, exercise and more, so bring your friends and family to honor the awesome trails we have in our parks. Register for a project in Marin, San Francisco or San Mateo counties—see you there!

1) This is no run-of-the-“mill” trail feature; for holding back dirt, it’s pure “gold!”
2) This structure is also another name for highway, parkway, toll road, and the like.
3) This element sounds like a parched and crusty pile of pancakes.
4) You don’t need a foil for this fence. Just some awesome volunteers to help install it!
5) This structure won’t take you to the same place as Jacob’s Ladder, but you can use it to access our park’s beaches!
6) You won’t be able to rock the baby to sleep on this structure but it will hold back the hillside for you to enjoy your hike.



1) Sutter wall, 2) turnpike, 3) dry stack aka rock wall, 4) post and cable fencing, 5) sand ladder, 6) cribbing wall


0-2 correct: Trail Novice – Looks like you could use some more time in the parks! Start on June 1 by volunteering at National Trails Day.

3-4 correct: Trail Intern – Pretty good, although you may need a few remedial lessons. Now go take a hike, and don’t forget to join us on NTD.

5-6 correct: Trail Crew Member – Awesome! You know your trails! We’d love to have your expert knowledge on National Trails Day, June 1.