Jeannene Przyblyski, A Lover’s Line Thru the Presidio

2008 | Presidio, Lover’s Lane | Audio 

Just a year after Comings and Goings at Lands End, artist and art historian Jeannene Przybliski produced another self-guided audio tour with accompanying booklet for the Presidio. The piece was created specifically for Lover’s Lane, the oldest known foot trail within the park. The path has served visitors for more than two hundred years, taking its visitors through the vast towering trees and drifting mist.

The 8 tracks tap into this romantic history through narratives. "Think of it as a way of meditating on history," Przyblyski said when describing the piece. The visitor has the freedom to draw connections between each of the seven stories, and their own conclusions as well. The characters, such as the missionary, the dreamer, the wayward trees and the soldier interact with one another, and reveal how varied and mysterious this artistic experience is. Przyblyski brings these voices and events to life, and encourages the listener to integrate their own story with parks as well.

Comings and Goings was presented through the partnership of the Presidio Trust and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

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