Various Artists, Presidio Habitats


Fort Scott, Presidio of San Francisco

May 2010 – September 2011 | Presidio, Fort Scott District | multimedia

Presidio Habitats was presented by the partnership of the Presidio Trust and the FOR-SITE Foundation.

The first exhibition shown within a national park, Presidio Habitats brought together a group of eleven international artists, designers, and architects. The show was located with the Fort Scott District of the park. Each work of art responded to this particular location and its residing wildlife, such as hummingbirds, hawks, and bats. The works served both as art and as temporary homes for these animals.

Each piece within this historic forest invited self-guided visitors to reflect further on their surroundings and to consider the wildlife that inspired the works. Some pieces rested subtly in the environment, hidden up a tree, while others interrupted the path or reimagined a space entirely. The habitats drew the eye of passersby, redefining the quiet space with unusual objects that addressed the varying behaviors of the local fauna.

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