I'm a Sharp-shinned Hawk!

Hawk/Raptor Personality Quiz Results

Sharp-shinned Hawk

You might be called dashing. Or winsome. Or just cute-as-a-button. With your magnetic personality and outsized charisma, people adore you. You constantly crave that love, however, because you're battling insecurities that manifest as bouts of neurotic wishy-washiness or obstinate pickiness. Stay true to yourself!

Fun Fact: The sweet "sharpie" is the smallest (and therefore most adorbz) hawk in North America. GGRO Director Allen Fish says they have a seemingly indecisive flight pattern that's, well, flighty—"here one minute and gone the next." He notes that sharpies are also finicky about their food and homes—plucking their prey clean of feathers before eating, and demanding dense close-canopied forests.

Want to learn more about—and possibly see—your raptorial doppelganger? Check out Golden Gate Raptor Observatory Hawk Talk programs on Hawk Hill Marin Headlands on most Saturdays and Sundays in September and October, from noon–2 pm (check online calendar).

GGRO docents will explain our volunteer-driven Hawk Watch, banding, and tracking programs. They'll cover the basics of raptor biology and identification, and then release a recently banded hawk to the sky! No RSVP necessary; learn more here.

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