Fort Cronkhite Trail


View over Fort Cronkhite and Rodeo Beach

Located in the Marin Headlands north of Rodeo Lagoon, Fort Cronkhite is a former World War II military post that stands at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Fort Cronkhite is one of the few examples of these World War II "mobilization posts" remaining in the country. The fort's barracks, mess halls, and other structures are preserved to tell the story of the soldiers who waited here for an enemy that never came. Today, Fort Cronkhite's buildings are today used as offices and housing for the National Park Service and its park partners, like the Parks Conservancy's Golden Gate Raptor Observatory.

Elevation Profile

Surface Type

Surface Category



0.39 miles round-trip

Elevation Gain

51.00 feet

Elevation Loss

-120.00 feet

Typical Tread Width

49 Inches

Minimum Tread Width

35 Inches

Typical Cross-Slope


Maximum Cross-Slope


Typical Grade


Maximum Grade