Bake Your Own Golden Gate Bridge Sugar Cookies

Golden Gate Bridge Crafts

Our favorite kind of crafts are the ones we get to eat at the end. Bake, decorate, and then eat these Golden Gate Bridge cookies. And then give the extras to a friend! It will bake their day...



  • Sugar cookie ingredients. We recommend this recipe from SFGATE
  • Store-bought icing or homemade icing from your favorite recipe
  • A squeeze bottle, piping bag, or small bag with a tiny corner cut off


  1. Make sugar cookie dough and roll it out into sheets. 
  2. Cut the sheets of dough into 4x5-inch rectangles and bake. 
  3. Make icing and divide into 3 bowls. Add food coloring to each bowl for the sky, water, and bridge.
  4. Decorate your cookie! You can cut a small corner off a little snack baggie and fill it with icing to use as a decorating tool.

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