Download Free Golden Gate Bridge Coloring Bookmarks

Golden Gate Bridge Coloring Bookmarks

To make reading your favorite novel or children’s story an even more enjoyable experience, create a beautiful Golden Gate Bridge bookmark using one or all of these templates to mark your page. The Parks Conservancy’s talented Art Director, Carol Klammer, created these illustrations, finding inspiration from her days on her sailboat passing under the mighty Golden Gate. Carol shared, “sailing ‘out the gate’ is special, something you work up to. And upon returning there’s a great sense of accomplishment and an overwhelming feeling of being home—tucked back into the very familiar waters of the Bay.”



  1. Print out Golden Gate Bridge Bookmark PDF
  2. Add your personal flair and color the bookmarks!
  3. Cut the bookmarks out.
  4. Optional: Add a hole using a hole punch and tie a string in a loop through the hole.
  5. Show us your artwork! Post on Instagram and tag @ParksConservancy.

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