How to Make a Golden Gate Bridge Window Cling

Golden Gate Bridge Crafts

The best part about making these Golden Gate Bridge window clings? Getting to mix up an ooeyy-goo-ey colorful glue concoction! The second best thing? When you’re done, you’ll always have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge through your window!


  • Liquid craft glue
  • Orange and/or red food coloring
  • A sheet of flat recycled plastic (like an old binder page protector)


  1. Add a few drops of orange and red food coloring to a bottle of liquid glue and shake the bottle to mix. Or mix ingredients in a small cup or bowl and use a paintbrush to apply.
  2. Lay a piece of recycled plastic on a flat surface. 
  3. With the glue, draw an outline of the Golden Gate Bridge onto the plastic, making sure that all of your lines connect to another part of the drawing. 
  4. Let your design dry, then peel it off, and it’s ready to stick!

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