ParkRx 2018 Census

Hiking in Tennessee Valley

From the start, the Institute at the Golden Gate has promoted the health benefits of parks and nature, energizing a movement that continues to gain momentum as more evidence shows nature can improve health and well-being. To capture this trend and understand how Park Prescription (ParkRx) programs engage park users, the Institute launched the first national ParkRx Census.  

We’ve generated critical baseline data from over 70 ParkRx program leaders. This has informed the progress of the ParkRx movement, including the inceptions of individual Park Prescription programs, the type of nature-based activities being prescribed, and if and how evaluation data is collected. Throughout 2019, we will continue to identify emerging practices to help strengthen the movement and encourage parks across the country to reach new audiences through ParkRx. 


The infographic features our first release of data from the census. It highlights the diversity of ParkRx prescribers—from doctors to health educators—while showing more programs continue to be added every year, speaking to the continued momentum of the movement and the wide reach of ParkRx programs. Download the infographic and learn more about the methodology. 

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