Tunes on Trails

Princeton Tigertones perform at the Eastern Trail Overlook at Lands End

Tunes on Trails, a program from the Art in the Parks initiative, brings musicians to perform on trails in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. These free pop-up performances invite passersby on the trails to stop and enjoy the music--and the scenery!

Check out our past performances here, and look out for upcoming shows on trails near you!

Princeton Tigertones: Parks Conservancy - Tunes on Trails

Kathleen Knighton: Parks Conservancy - Tunes on Trails

John Luther Adams - Inuksuit: Parks Conservancy - Tunes on Trails

Kathleen Knighton, Community Engagement Program Manager for the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, has two main passions: parks and music. When she started her first internship in the park on the Trail Crew, she found herself living, working—and singing—in the Marin Headlands.

“I was able to explore the trails and be outside every day. I was constantly surrounded by beauty and inspiration—it was a dream job!”

Since she lived in the bustling intern dorm, Knighton needed to find a space to create and play music.

“I would hike out into the hills above Rodeo Beach after work and find a quiet spot to sit and write. Listening back to the songs I wrote then, I hear the lasting influence of the park’s landscape, the epic vistas, and the ocean below in my lyrics. I wrote the song ‘Headlands’ as a tribute to the park that continues to inspire my music and guide my career towards connecting others to this magical place.”

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