Golden Gate in Spotlight at Park Summit


In April 2016 in Washington, D.C., the America’s Summit on National Parks was hosted by the National Parks Conservation Association, the National Park Foundation, and the National Park Hospitality Association.

The Institute at the Golden Gate, one of the Parks Conservancy’s programs in partnership with the National Park Service (NPS), was there to represent the Golden Gate National Parks by participating in an agenda to set milestones to reach “A Call to Action”—a five-year plan released this past summer by Jon Jarvis, director of the NPS.


The Golden Gate National Parks, with the help of its progressive Bay Area community, is helping to reinvigorate the NPS for a new century by launching innovative initiatives and expanding new ideas to other parks across the country. Among the items in Jarvis’ “Call to Action” plan is an initiative called Eat Well and Prosper. Frank Dean, general superintendent of the Golden Gate National Parks, serves as the NPS chief of Eat Well and Prosper—with Golden Gate serving as a “flagship” park. Golden Gate is also a key driver in pushing the Institute’s Food for the Parks initiative forward nationwide.

The Institute also shared its new initiative, Climate in the Parks, with leaders around the country, beginning a grassroots park movement to shift the conversation about climate across our nation.

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