Listen to the Spin of the Parks’ Restoration Cycle


Volunteers Caring for Native Plants

In this premiere episode of the Parks Conservancy’s new podcast*, “From Seed to Ecosystem,” correspondent Sami Fink explores how we choose project sites, explains how they become “stewardship sites,” and checks on the progress of the Mountain Lake restoration work, in interviews with Eric Klein (Parks Conservancy Restoration Specialist) and Jason Lisenby (Presidio Trust Biological Science Technician).

*If the podcast doesn’t automatically play, right-click on the “new podcast” link above, select “Save Link As,” and choose a folder in which to save the mp3 file. Then choose your computer’s player to listen to the podcast.

After hearing about the importance of the parks’ natural restoration cycle, get inspired to do your part! Come help out at the Presidio Nursery, or four other native plant nurseries across the Golden Gate National Parks.

You’ll be working side-by-side with dedicated and passionate people to preserve and restore 80,000 breathtaking acres of parkland. You’ll help nurture 150,000 plants grown in the nurseries this season and play a vital part in seed collection, transplanting, engaging the community, and everything in between. Together we are preserving the natural beauty of our landscape and creating a legacy!

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