Park Pickup Lines (Not) Guaranteed to Land You a Valentine


Our top 10 park pickup lines are *not* guaranteed to help you land a Valentine’s Day date.

They are guaranteed to elicit a chuckle or groan from someone familiar with the Golden Gate National Parks and/or the Conservancy. For the uninitiated, they’re guaranteed to produce a blank stare. 

Is your middle name Alcatraz? Because your beauty/intelligence/charm is inescapable.

You must really know your French and Scotch brooms... Because you just swept me off my feet.

My heart is an insular biogeographical island of chapparel. Won't you be my restoration tech? 

Excuse me, are you protected under the Endangered Species Act? Because a person like you is rare.

Did you put a raptor band around my heart? Because it keeps coming back to you.

Come on, gimme a chance. You'll find MY HEART IS FOR YOU FOREVER!

What's your name? Because I'm sudden-oak-dying to meet you.

Hey... Wanna get together a little later and propagate?

Sorry, I couldn't help eavesdropping... But did you say Thamnophis sitalis tetrataenia?

Hey, you can put your weed wrench away. Because you've found your perfect flower.